National Bikini Day

In honor of National Bikini Day I thought it would be fun to look back in time at the time-less, vintage bikini’s. On July 5, 1946 the first two piece bathing suit was named and born into the world! How cool! I love learning about interesting facts like those. The story behind the bikini is super cool too. Louis Réard, a former automotive engineer and designer of the bikini, was working one day in his mother’s lingerie shop and got inspired to create this bathing suit. This took place, of course, in Paris, France. The name “bikini” came from the atomic bomb that US dropped in the Pacific Ocean at a place called Bikini Atoll. Kind of a strange way to come up with a name, but hey it fits! Since July 5, 1946 this bikini has made an appearance in all sorts of trends/ways.


I love mixing and matching my suits, there are some many options on how to rock your bombshell bod. Take a look at some of my favorite iconic bikini’s from the past and a few of myself in some vintage inspired looks! 🙂 


Vintage girlies
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Marilyn Monroe
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South Beach, Miami– Forever21 Top and high waisted shorts


St Thomas– Forever 21 Top and Bottom (set)


Accessory Report- Retro is back

SO vintage! These retro shades are an absolute MUST for this season. What is old and certainly new again. The recent resurgence of retro inspired sunnies is back with a new and fresh flair.

Pair them with some bright coral or red lips, a cool updo ,and you are all retro-ready baby. The best part about them is that the funkier and crazier they are, the better! They come in a variety of shapes and colors, they add a quirky finishing touch to any outfit. But, do remember to keep your face frame in mind and get a pair that looks best on you and makes you feel good!

Here is some inspiration to get you ready for spring/summer retro flavor! 🙂



Currently Channeling..Lucille Ball

Besides being a hilarious actress, Lucille Ball truly emphasized the tailored and polished look of her times. Nicknamed the First Lady of Television and the Queen of Comedy she has truly paved her way in her industry. I get so much inspiration from her style, the tailored suits and fitted if I can work on my getting her hairstyles down! Ugh, LOVE! With lovely pencil skirts, gorgeous glam dresses and lovely pant and skirt suits created Lucille’s favorite attire. A woman who adored being elegant as every woman should be, Lucille Ball managed to be very feminine in her outfits even though they were not at all revealing. Which is oh so lovely! Because her career lasted for decades, Lucille Ball adapted her fashion style to the present, always being trendy, stylish and elegant at the same time. Go Girl!

Trend Spotlight- Clueless

Sheer everything has been all over the runways/stores lately. Whether it’s just the sleeves of a button up or an oversized sheer dress over a tight-fitting dress- the look is flawlessly elegant. I love having a hint of sheer because it says sexy without even trying. Gives the subtle hint that is just perfect. There are so many ways to rock this trend but I’m going to highlight some of my favorites.
Cher from Clueless always sticks out for me for this trend. Besides being my favorite movie, there is a lot of inspiration in there! Just have to give it that modern twist 🙂
The first look by Ms. Cher is the best for me. Wear a long fitted sheer button up over a short skirt to make it the full outfit. For future outfits you can tuck it in high-waisted pants for another look.
I’m into the cropped sheer shirt over a tank for an edgy look, accessorizing here is key though! Try a long necklace or some fun earrings.

Currently Channeling…

Every now and then I will have this  segment on my vintage loves. I get so much inspiration from the past, especially in fashion. Fashion is always going in a circle and getting inspiration from all different eras then putting the modern twist to it. Today I am channelling a beautiful soul and voice- the gorgeous blues and jazz singer Billie Holiday. Her signature flower in the hair  is so fab and so her! The music and style icon is forever in my heart. sophistication at its finest. Be sure to press play and listen to the jazz diva sing one of my favorites.. It adds to the whole experience 🙂 Enjoy


If you don’t have a clip on you can always do a dark lip (very Billie Hoiday) and any hair accessory with a flower (she did Gardenia’s) 🙂


Currently Channeling ..

I adore getting inspired by female icons. Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France and ever since then she has been a fashion icon.  A French former fashion model, actress and singer, and animal rights activist she has done it all ! She truly exemplifies a powerful and radiant woman to me. Spicy attitude, big hair, smokey eyes, and exceptional sophistication comes to my mind when I think of her. I love looking at old pictures and trying to incorporate some of that vintage style into mine. Super fun and inspiring at the same time! Whether she is in ballet flats or sky-high boots she is always glamorous, stylish, and posh.

Some of her quotes:

I have always adored beautiful young men. Just because I grow older, my taste doesn’t change. So if I can still have them, why not?

On experience: Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.