Phillip Lim- Resort 2013

One of my favorite collections of designers has to be the Resort Collection. It says vacation, bright trends, and versatility. From everyday beach looks, to garden party,  to night time on the scene looks- it has everything with a fresh, new twist. Each collection I’ve seen so far has blown me away but Phillip Lim’s, in particular, inspired me in so many ways. Phillip Lim is so incredibly talented, from designing back to back collections and winning the CFDA award for Menswear he has truly done it all!

His inspiration came from nature, the summer weather, and vacation season. With a total of only 25 days this line has flourished into something as beautiful and intriguing as his motivation behind it.

 “I was sitting in my garden, watching the blooms come out,”

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Excuse my French but I’m in France

Kanye West debuted his second collection at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. Celebs came out to support such as Kim K, Swizzy, Alicia Keys, Common, P.Diddy, and a lot more. Kanye had a lot written on this due to the harsh criticism of last years show. His “ill-fitting” clothing criticism wounded the rapper so much that he banned editors of previewing his new line at the last-minute, according to Eric Wilson at the New York Times.

“I don’t know about this,” he said. “I got treated unfairly by the press last time. Why would I want to do this?”

Christina Binkley of the Wall Street Journal criticized West’s latest collection for being too “Givenchy-esque” but gave the rapper credit: “This Kanye collection is a massive improvement.”

This line proved a lot of editors wrong with the stunning furs, slinky dresses, furry peplums, and bad ass leather pieces. Oh, did I mention a complete fur backpack? I need that in my life!

Overall, I thought his Fall Collection was very much over the top and glamorous with the exquisite furs and tight leather pieces. Statement pieces for a woman.  Very similar to his own style, but I can appreciate it. He improved as a designer and I really enjoyed this collection, looking forward to more from Mr. West.


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Rachel Zoe RTW Fall 2012

Rachel Zoe has always been one of my favorite celebrity stylists. She has such a powerful and confident persona that I just love. The fact that she has finally dipped into the designing field makes me so excited. A woman with such great taste as hers needs to design her own clothing! Such an inspiration from me, especially since she is from my state- (shout out to Jersey!) Rachel Zoe debuted her RTW FALL 2012 a couple of days ago and needless to say, I am completely obsessed with the whole line. Bananas! I die. It had a lot of seventies inspiration mixed with my absolute fave- menswear. A lot of structured suits and glamorous furs to add some sensuality. The fit was amazing, the textures were incredible, and the best part?– the styling! I am oh so inspired by a lot of these looks. Suits can be so sexy when fitted properly. And the best part? Accessories to make it feminine.

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