Happy May!

As the sun is shining my hopes are rising. This month I am welcoming a lot of growth, excitement, and peace into my life. Every month I like to set new goals. For the month of May I am trying to develop a healthier lifestyle with more juices into my daily diet and no more junk food! Also, going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Taking only one hour out of your day to work out can make a huge difference in your mind, body, and health! Along with these two goals, I will be revealing something new to my naturalista fashionista’s very soon! I am excited about it and I hope you will be too! So, stay tuned and have a FAB month of MAY 🙂 

Remember, April showers bring May flowers so whatever got you down in the month of April will only uplift you to smell the flowers in the month of May. 


Michelle Obama Vogue’n

I was completely fascinated to see Michelle Obama on the cover of this month’s Vogue Issue. An inspiration to many women, she is graceful in her presence always. I love to see powerful women on magazine covers and think it is important to highlight them for our youth. After all, these magazines truly shape a lot of women’s perceptions about themselves. So this month I appreciate VOGUE and their beautiful cover and wanted to share some of the fab interview with you.

On the importance of family: “Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole. You know, we have small kids; they’re growing every day. But I think we were both pretty straightforward when we said, Our No. 1 priority is making sure that our family is whole.

On her mother Marian: “My mother doesn’t do interviews but let me tell you: She is not long on pretense. She’s the first one to remind us who we are. And it’s been very helpful having her living with us. . . We can check reality against her sensibilities.”

On what she’s learned from her husband, President Barack Obama: “Well, patience and calm I’m borrowing. Or trying to mirror. I’ve learned that from my husband, that sort of, you know, ability to not get too high or too low with changes and bumps in the road. . . to do more breathing in and just going with it. I’m learning that every day. And to the extent that I’ve made changes in my life, it’s just sort of stepping back and seeing a change not as something to guard against but as a wonderful addition. . . that can make life fun and unexpected.”

I love it. 🙂 Be sure to pick up this copy and read more from this interview.




March Forward into Spring

I always like to start off the month with a motivational reminder to embrace the new month–although I am a bit late on this month, I’m still spreading the love! So, Happy March beautiful readers! Spring begins in less than week and I could not be more excited. I love the spring time, it’s such a nice transition into Summer days. The fashion is amaze! The bright colors and floral prints are on every blazer/pant/skirt/romper/etc! It’s the month full of vibrant energy and excitement. This month I am looking forward to more sunshine, flowers blooming, city adventures, shopping for spring, and most importantly growth! I wish all my naturalista fashionistas a wonderful and joyous month! spring


Who run the world?

Today was simply the best. I graduated college and started a new chapter in my life. So much has gone into this and I truly feel blessed beyond belief that I got to share this day with my loves. Life has been a whirlwind of events the past couple of weeks and I am embracing all life has sent to me. There is so much for me to reflect on and today I really felt it. That diploma that I received signifies so much – so much hard work and dedication. Hearing the speeches and being amongst other graduates was such an incredible feeling that words can’t even express! I feel unstoppable and ready for it all.

Here are some pics. from my day! With such excitement I forgot to take a pic of my outfit! Kept it flirty and fun with my H&M floral print dress and Steve Madden wedges.

Say Yes I will, Yes I can

After an active, bustling day I couldn’t help but think of myself as Superwoman. Coming straight from a relaxing vacation into the hectic real world has surprisingly given me the biggest push that I truly needed. I find myself on a high when I am really busy and have a bunch of things to do. An adrenaline rush that drives me forward to keep striving for more. It’s the encouraging, productive feeling at the end of the day that gives me that extra motivation to do it again tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing and sleeping are two of my favorite things to do but lately all I’ve been trying to do is stay on my grind.

 As an independent and strong woman I value the hustle a lot more than other people who have it easy for them. Life has always been testing me to my limits and although sometimes it can be trying I feel blessed that I have made it this far.

 A superwoman, through my eyes, is an effervescent, vibrant, radiating, confident, dynamic woman that knows how to handle her business. It’s important to know that we are all in this together as sister’s and support each other. I am blessed enough to have some of the most amazing ladies as my best friends and an incredible mother. A superwoman grows with her support system because I do believe self-determination has a lot to do with the people we surround ourselves with.

 So, keep radiating that Naturalista Fashionista energy that is within every superwoman!


Some of my daily female inspirations that I simply adore:



“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, “I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”- Eleanor Roosevelt   


“How wonderful is it that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”- Anne Frank