DIY Project

A couple of days ago my co-worker and decided to make our own bracelet. Working in the garment district in NYC there are a bunch of different trim stores and bead stores all over. We were looking for some studs and ended up finding the cutest little charms- one idea to the next we bought all the supplies to make our own bracelets. We figured why would we go out and buy something that we can just make our own way? It’s completely original, a fun project, and most importantly the feeling you get after is the best! Making accessories is def. a fun task because it’s super creative and allows you to stretch beyond your imagination. The best part is that it’s super easy! Really! It took me about half an hour to make my bracelet and the time felt like nothing because I was enjoying every moment.

Location for beads — Beads @ 5th. But, I would also recommend Beads World on 39th Street and Broadway.

Supplies used– picture below on the left .. finished product on the right 😀