Trend Alert: The High Slit

When the weather gets warmer, the slits get higher. This season I am seeing a lot of ultra high slits on jersey dresses and maxi skirts and I have to say, I’m loving it! It’s important to know what part of your body you like to accentuate and if your part are your legs then this is the trend for you! I love the idea of the high slit maxi dress because it reveals a little bit of skin but not too much. There is a fine line between classy sexy and just trashy. My rule for this kind of stuff is to cover the top if I’m showing the bottom part of my body. Whether it fits in your style or not, you should try these sexy dresses for a night out with your girls, date night, or even a concert night.

See below for some looks!

High Slit

High Slit

Jersey Skirt


Rachel Roy designs new shoe line

Rachel Roy is such a talented clothing designer and nowadays young designers are always branching out. Her new shoe line is set to come out to stores in August and I am just thrilled! Having taken “designer inspiration” from her footwear mentor Manolo Blahnik, the Rachel Roy collection of around 30 shoe styles will retail from $200–600 and include flats, pumps, boots, and booties. Rachel’s clothing always portrays a sense of confidence and structure, I am excited to see what her new shew line will entail. Did I mention she is one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers? GO Girl!

 “I don’t want shoes unless they are strong and sexy. I don’t want them to be just strong or just sexy,” says Roy. “[A strong and sexy look] represents the woman I want to be.”

NJ Fashion Week

This past Monday I had the pleasure of assisting designer, Gwen Beloti, in her debut of Spring 2012 collection ” Structured Fluidity” fashion show for NJ Fashion Week. It was a fabulous event in Hoboken, NJ alongside the Hudson River looking out to NYC. I was able to watch some of the shows going on that day and I was truly impressed by the designers. There is so much amazing talent out there in the fashion world and I just love finding new gems! After enjoying some of the fashion it was time to hurry along backstage where the madness and chaos began! There were 17 looks for 17 models, which meant no changing! A smooth sailing instead 🙂 Myself and two other fab ladies assisted in dressing the models and helping with whatever the designer needed. Overall, it was a huge success and the feedback on the line was great. It was an amazing opportunity for me and I felt very blessed to be apart of it! Cannot wait for more to come .. in the meantime here are some pictures from the show! See more—-> @

The whole Spring 2012 Collection