Adele Covers Vogue March 2012

After an amazing performance at the Grammys and 6 Grammy wins I was so happy to find out that she is on the cover of VOGUE for the March 2012 issue. Adele has such a soulful voice and her performances are felt in every sense of the word. She is such a real artist and I respect her work so much.

Take a look at some pics from the shoot- LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oscar de la Renta on her! I will definitely be purchasing this one!

Just in case you missed her amazing performance:



Soul Sensation

So thrilled to see Adele on the cover of October’s VOGUE UK for her very first time. I have been a fan since her debut album “19” and she still has me with her latest, “21” Her music is soulful, smooth, and full of emotion. It just takes me away, and her voice is so pure and beautiful I can listen to it all day long. She is such a rare gem in the music industry, which sets her apart from everyone. She is my soul sensation along with Erykah, Jill, and India…

Adele rocked a custom Burberry lace dress for the shoot. I was very happy to finally see her all done up for such a great fashion magazine, but something stood out to me. They could have done so much more. She is such a beauty, a real and true beauty. I wish VOGUE would have embraced her curves and beautiful figure and shown it off in a different way. The shoot seemed as if they were trying to hide her figure and focus in on the face, which is a beauty! Ugh those eyes, ya’ killin’ me! *Sigh* This industry needs to switch it up sometimes! Can’t wait to step my foot in it…But, for now I will focus on the positive aspect which is: ADELE on the cover of VOGUE! 🙂

On critics focusing on her body and not her music:

“I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down,” she tells the magazine. “And I don’t want that in my life. I have insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me. My life is full of drama and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like,” she continued. “I don’t like going to the gym. I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my tits and ass out for no one.”

AMEN Sistah’ ! Wine & Dine Giiiirl