Style Consulting/Wardrobe Styling

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Have you ever really liked a trend but just didn’t know how to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Love to look stylish but just don’t have the patience to shop? With my style consulting I will provide you with helpful style tips and recommendations to dress for your body shape.

Step 1- Style Consultation
With this complimentary consultation we will meet up and talk fashion! I’ll ask you a few questions to understand your style and everyday life. With this lovely information we can continue on to the next step.

Step 2- Shopping
Fashion date! We will go shopping together based on our consultation. I will create looks for you for the specific occasion or just for your everyday basic wardrobe.

Step 3- Styling
The final step of our fashion date will be styling! It’s very easy to shop til your drop, but styling is key when it comes to a lasting wardrobe! I’ll show you (with what we purchased) how to create many looks by just changing the styling. Trust me, you will be amazed at how much styling changes an outfit.

For a complimentary style consultation, email me at I look forward to our fashion date!

Leetal has a very unique style of her own, yet possesses a keen eye for defining a style in others. She has a great way of talking to you to figure out the kind of style you have in mind and quickly piecing together outfits that brings that vision to life. Most importantly, Leetal is great at deal hunting and shopping on a budget. You end up leaving a store looking like you spent a lot more than you actually did. Added bonus, she’s a ball to shop with and makes the experience so fun and easy. (Alexandra Demetriades, PR Assistant Account Executive

I have been shopping with Leetal for years and she’s always had a great eye to create looks for any occasion. Whether its casual or something more fancy she is able to execute a style that fits the mood, while keeping it unique & comfortable. I really like the way she incorporates different patterns & textures to make a complete look, and knows what accessories to add for those last finishing touches. Through her guidance and helpful tips, Leetal has not only helped me make some killer outfits, but also given me better understanding of fashion, which has improved my own personal style choices. (Ashley Waldemar, Blogger check her out on

I refer to Leetal as my personal style guide. She is the best person
to shop with. Her appreciation for and understanding of simple,
classical pieces mixed with her taste for adventurous, cutting-edge
trends make her the superwoman of fashion. She has a natural talent
for assessing my personal style and finding looks that are beyond what
I typically gravitate to and still completely in tune with my tastes.
I wish I could fit her in my pocket all the time to give me fashion
advice, but I’ll settle for our fantastic shopping dates for now!
(Lilly Padia, Teacher)

Leetal is a true pleasure to shop with! Not only does she have a great eye for individual and unique style, she’s also a lovely person to spend time with. Our shopping trips are filled with fashion, fun and laughter. She’s great at listening to your needs and suggesting items to fit your personal vibe. She’s very knowledgeable about current trends in the fashion industry, but her eye is also influenced by past decades of glamour and culture. If you’re looking for a creative person who is passionate, caring, and kind, Leetal is definitely the fashionista for you! (Jenna Bosco, Actor)

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