Vintage Gucci History

Gucci's Exclusive 1921 Collection

The New Bamboo Gucci Bag, refreshed with modern details, like hand-cut leather tassels and contemporary colors, requires 13 hours of work and is still crafted in the same way as the original. Amazing to say the least. More than 140 pieces go into every bag and each one of them is hand-assembled by a master Gucci artisan in Gucci’s Florentine workshops. The original bamboo bag came to life in post-war Italy when a ration on leather and other precious materials threatened to halt production.

Creating the one of a kind Bamboo handle for the bag. By heating the bamboo in an open flame, a perfect semi-circle can be formed.
First created in the1950s, the model became the preferred accessory for Jacqueline Onassis, who was photographed toting numerous versions throughout the 1960s. America’s former First Lady was so devoted to the style that the bag soon took on the name of the First Lady herself. Each New Jackie bag requires a minimum of seven hours and maximum of thirteen hours.
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