Trend Alert- Gypsy Inspired

Every Spring the hippie/bohemian trend updates and gets a fresher look. This Spring look out for the gypsy inspired look. Designers such as Emilio Pucci, D&G, and Altuzzara have graced their Spring runways with this flow-y, 70’s inspired, and brightly colored trend.

Designers transforming their catwalks into caravans included Joseph Altuzarra, who cited the gypsy comic-book hero Corto Maltese as an inspiration for his brocade breeches and shearling toggle coats; Dolce & Gabbana, who merged Sicilian and Romany currents in their fall show; and, more subtly, Mr. Dundas himself, who revisited his nomadic theme in a gown alluding to the Yves Saint Laurent ’70s gypsy look. Diverse as they are, those shows are the latest expression of a popular fascination with generic gypsy culture. Gypsies are “definitely a huge influence right now,” said Ed Burstell, the managing director of Liberty in London.

 I like this trend because it very well suits my style, we all have our own look and experimenting with fashion can always be fun and unexpected. You don’t necessarily have to have a single kind of look all the time- I love to mix it up. My wardrobe is so eclectic and that suits me. Trying new trends can inspire you to venture out into different kinds of fashion era’s and times. When I think of the gypsy look I automatically think about the 70’s! Very true to its time.

From left, designs from Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Altuzarra.


 Rockin’ my fave pants last summer in Miami..gyspy love.