Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

– Maria Robinson

This past week I’ve been reflecting a lot about the past year and the newness* that’s ahead. 2011 was a trying year for me but as with everything there is beauty in all struggle. I’ve learned more about myself than I have in any other year. I was pushed to my limits and beyond, but I remained myself through it all. I am excited to welcome this new year with much optimism and hopefulness. Every morning when I wake up I feel like the world is mine. And that’s no Miss Badu quote, that’s truth. It’s all about how much you put out to get yourself to where you want to be. I feel that in this new year my determination will only keep escalating until I reach my full potential. Then when I’m there, set higher standards.

As far as resolutions, I want to read more books in this new year. Over the summer I was commuting from NJ to NY every other day and had so much more down time to read. Whether it be on the train or at my favorite park in Dumbo, BK I always had a book with me. Once fall started I lost my passion due to all the work I had with school and most of all the time.  I definitely want to spend more time in bookstores and getting back to my passion for reading.

Going to more art galleries and museums is a must as well! I love art and it inspires me so much. I want to continue to channel my creative side and explore more of the arts.

Also, I want to start smiling more often to strangers. Lol..If it sounds strange to you, try it! It’s such a quick boost of happiness 🙂 It’s really determined to make you feel better AND the best accessory right next to confidence of course 😉  

2012 I welcome you with hope, love, determination, courage, confidence, and lots of bright smiles.

Currently Channeling…

Born in the late 20’s Marilyn Monroe has always been the pin-up fashionista that marked her time. While acting in New York Monroe became a much admired international star known for her spicy personality and hourglass figure. The wildly popular comedy, “Some Like it Hot” in 1959 was her biggest break-through in the acting industry. Old Hollywood glamour is my favorite and Marilyn was definitely the creator of this fashion. The bright red lip, smokey eyeliner, and tight dress with the soft curl wave is exactly what I channel when I think of the beauty herself. Feminine yet confident, she will always be my favorite Naturalista Fashionista !

Glitz & Glamour

NYE is almost here and all the ladies know what that mean! Time to pull out the freakum dress. Every year I buy a new outfit, usually dress, to welcome the New and fresh Year. 2012 is full of endless opportunities and bountiful happiness and I just can’t wait to welcome it with all the glitz and glamour. There is something so refreshing about buying a new dress and getting glamorous for this night. Remember to wear something that accentuates your favorite body part..Sleeveless/form-fitting/short/a-symmetrical//wear what makes YOU feel good, that way you will S H I N E.

Here I will highlight some of my fave dresses for this FAB night…Happy NEW Year Nauturalista’s ! This year is ALL US ! 😉

STRETCH LACE DRESS@ (stretch lace dress)

BACKLESS JERSEY DRESS@ (Backless Jersey Dress) The fit is amazing on this one!

 ADAM Foil Printed Sequin Dress

When In Milan Dressvia


Simple One Shoulder dress if you want to highlight accessories.. @FOREVER21


Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless Polo Bodycon Dress via — this dress is simple but with the right accessories& bright lip can be FAB!

CHANEL Pre Fall 2012

“We’ve had Paris-London, we’ve had Paris-Shanghai, so it felt like time to go off the circuit, to somewhere less expected,” said Karl Lagerfeld after Tuesday’s Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show, entitled Paris-Bombay. Coco Chanel loved Indian Jewelry and this show represented that passion in the best light. Filled with glamorous jewels and the Chanel classic fabrics that are just so exquisitely made. This collection says so much to me, besides the beautiful and antique pieces of jewelry the signature Chanel suits and pieces represent such class and sophistication. I love the pop of velvet and the deep grey/red/and classic white colors, too. The combined force of the likes of “Lesage”, buttons and jewelry by “Desrues”, metalwork by “Goossens”  flowers of lace, silk, and velvet by “Guillet”, and the newest addition to the stable, announced only yesterday, Montex, another storied Parisian embroiderer, creates this masterpiece of a collection. In the end, what made this collection so intriguing wasn’t an idea of India’s past, but its future.

This is Chanel’s annual love letter to all of the incredible and venerable ateliers whose work allows for this Métiers d’Art collection . – Karl Lagerfeld 

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Animal Print LOVE

Getting the right animal print can be tricky sometimes but it has to do more with the fabric than the actual print. Fit is important too, make sure it’s the length that works with your body type. These are important with any type of coat but especially one with a very vibrant print such as animal. Animal Print will forever AND ever be my fave..there are countless ways to style such prints and I LOVE that. You can make your coat the centerpiece or mix n match, it’s so fun and can diversify your closet.

Here are how your fave celebs are rockin’ them:

Hello Mr. Nice Watch

Seeing as the holidays are fastly approaching I thought I’d recap some of the best watches for men/women. We all know watches are that simple yet so necessary accessory that adds so much class to an outfit. Whether it’s a dressy watch or casual, sporty watch it’s always the perfect touch to any outfit. In the world with so many options I’ll highlight the best of the best for all those naturalista fashionista’s  out there! Good luck shopping and if you have any questions feel free to send a message 🙂


MARC by MARC JACOBS Price: $275 (Personal FAVE)
Burberry Black 3 Eye Watch  Price: $995
Michael Kors Women PRICE: $195