All Sheer Everything

Lately, I have been into sheer black more than ever! Even though I am and will always be a huge fan of vibrant colors there is something about this new trend that I am just loving. Black is always a classic choice but sheer black just oozes a mix between edgy and elegance. The long sheer skirts are everywhere right now and I love the versatility of them. Day or night/ boot or heel/ casual t-shirt/ fancy blouse.. possibilities are endless! My favorite!

Here are some of the naturalista fashionista’s rockin’ their sheer black.. Inspired? .. I think so! ( Olivia Palermo is Killin it’ with her all sheer black ensemble and pop of turquoise jewelry. The slick back parted hairstyle and red lip is just a cherry on top of this fab. outfit. )


Here are some options to incorporate in your wardrobe to achieve this look.. Remember one item at a time then mix and match pieces for a less match-y outfit. (It’s all black anyway) 😉  Pair with a black ankle boot for an edgy feel or a sleek high heel for a more elegant feel…And you’re all Sheer Black Everything !


 AA Sheer Black Top ($58)

Forever 21 “Textured Heart Skirt” ($24.80)


Forever 21 “Lace Maxi Skirt” ($24.80)


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